Now that you have decided on the type of traffic you need for your digital products, it’s time to go out and get them. How will you market your products for maximum effect and profit? There are many things to consider even before creating a digital product:

The target niche

Who is right for this product, and where can they be found?

Types of information products

Do you have a preference for a specific type of product: ebook, videos, audios, podcasts, workbooks, content creation? Do you have any knowledge to help with product creation, or do you need to learn a few things?


Is there a market for this product? There might be an audience, but is this particular idea already overplayed?

Time and money

What is the cost in time for creation and investment to get the product launched? What price tag will you have to offer to compensate and still make a profit?

Once you consider these thoughts, it’s time to gather your tools and your ideas to fashion them into a digital product to get things going.

6 Ways to Market Digital Products

Did you know that the best way to gain fervor for your product is to start before the product is even created? Drum up support with the well-planned idea and your outline for its completion. Let the public follow you on this journey. Here’s how.

Social media – Facebook is a way to build relationships with your customers and readership. Post your progress on the new product. Ask customers to be part of a focus group for different portions of the project. Ask followers what they would like to see in the product to make it a sale for them.

QR codes – You’ve probably seen them all over. In stores, product advertisements might contain one. Scanning it with a Smartphone will reveal an ad of some sort that talks about the impending launch of the product. Create a video or an ad that links to that code.

Guest blogging – You are helping out fellow niche bloggers but also making useful connections. Offer them an advance copy of your new product in thanks for speaking on an issue of their choosing on the blog.

Contests – Offer free copies of your product as prizes for contests that relate to the product in question. Readers can find out more about what you do through these contests as they vie for quality items.

Offer free stuff – As you prepare for a launch, count down to the big moment with a free item each week to your subscribers. It could be an audio, a newsletter, free tools for use on their website, and others.

Connect with businesses – Business partners are helpful too. Frequently visit the forums in your niche as well as LinkedIn to form new business relationships. Offer useful information and links to your fellow online business owners to get feedback from them.

Begin the process of gaining interest in your product before you create it.